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SDWAN for MikroTik - Our new platform

To our customers, Firstly, I would like to say, on behalf of myself and our team, that we are grateful for your continued support during these uncertain times. As many of you may know, our commercial focus has shifted in recent years from being a one-stop-shop for all things internet to a more purpose-built vehicle for software-defined networking.

We started at the end of last year to redevelop our legacy SD-WAN product from the ground up as I felt that the old system was not future proof and did not have the flexibility that is required in a modern environment. We have since gained official recognition by MikroTik as a software integrator, which in turn has allowed us to embed our own intellectual innovation into MikroTik products and to do so at scale.

Along with this, we have rebuilt and automated all our provisioning systems into Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. This gives our software the ability to scale across thousands of servers in mere minutes, as demand requires, but more importantly, this also brings about much higher availability and reliability to our platform. 

Historically we have always relied on our users to reach out to our help desk for tasks like configuration changes, port forwarding, and changes to your content filtering policies. We have changed this and created a new web-based portal where you can now perform these tasks at your own leisure. 

One of the questions that have been asked many times is whether we have an SD-WAN solution that can be deployed for smaller operations as our standard solution is too costly for a small office, or a branch with fewer than 3 or 5 people. The answer is now yes, we do. We have segregated every service element of our SD-WAN product, thus enabling you to order what you need and to exclude what you don’t need. Thus creating affordability for even a home user.

In line with this we will gradually phase out the idea of one firewall configuration for all, and allow you to customize your needs through our portal - and of course, amend your billing to reflect this, based on your selected services.

My team will make contact with you over the coming weeks to assist you in registering your account on the portal and to show you around a bit. Until then, kind regards and stay safe.