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What Is SD-Wan?

Software defined wide area networking, also known as SD-Wan, is a virtual WAN architecture that embodies the idea of ‘working smarter not harder.’ But what is SD-Wan exactly and why should it be of any consequence to you? As the utilization of cloud-based applications has become more prevalent in day-to-day enterprise operations, so has the need for a WAN that can offer operational simplicity and cater to the high demands of modern business needs. SD-Wan allows businesses to make use of a combination of transport services to connect users to applications. SD-Wan intelligently and securely directs traffic across a wide area network by making use of a centralized control function. Having centralized management and no touch deployment notably simplifies technology. SD-Wan is a viable replacement for traditional WAN routers. Traditional WAN tends to fall victim to service outages, traffic congestion and a multitude of other issues that derail productivity. SD-Wan curbs the previously mentioned ailments by prioritizing applications on different networks allowing traffic to pass more efficiently with no downtime. It also reduces unnecessary bandwidth and safety concerns are laid to rest with the use of end to end traffic encryption, along with various other security features such as network segmentation. With SD-Wan you gain an increased visibility and control of your WAN. The concept of simplicity is further reiterated in how quick and easy implementation is. Given the fact that it is software, configuring this solution into your infrastructure is highly cost effective and you’ll no longer need to spend exorbitant amounts trying to maintain a physical infrastructure. If security, flexibility, agility and transparency are some of the words you’d like to link to your enterprise operations then software defined wide area networking is the solution you’re looking for.